Antivirus and Firewall

Antivirus and Firewall

Antivirus and Firewall

Antivirus and Firewall

Best Antivirus and Firewall – What’s The Best Antivirus and Firewall Software Combination? Antivirus and Firewall Antivirus and Firewall Antivirus and Firewall Antivirus and Firewall Antivirus and Firewall


Antivirus software is the first thing many people think of when online security is needed. And many people don’t realize that a good antivirus program can do more than just protect their computers from viruses.


With a firewall, you can protect your computer from hackers and protect your computer from viruses, spyware, malware, and any other type of threat that may get through.  One of the best firewalls available is the Zone Alarm Pro Firewall.  This firewall not only protects your computer from hackers and threats, but it also protects your computer from other threats that are trying to get into your computer at the same time.


The only problem with this firewall is that it is not fully customizable.  It works great as a stand-alone firewall application but, occasionally, if you have a lot of other software that runs on your computer (a lot of firewalls, anti-virus software, etc), you’ll need to have a less intrusive, more customizable firewall that doesn’t get in the way.


There are many firewalls to choose from on the market, including well-known ones like Zone Alarm, Asimba, and Zone Alarm Pro.  There are also lesser known, low priced firewalls that are great for both home and business use, as well as several free firewalls available.




One of the most important things to consider when choosing any firewall is how it will be implement across your network.  Firewalls are not installed on every computer, so you always need to make sure that the firewall is “set up” properly.  Not all firewalls are built the same way, so you need to make sure that the firewall that you choose, matches the network perfectly.  An antivirus firewall is a good example of this type of firewall.


The last thing that needs to be considered is how you will pay for the firewall.  Some firewall options are pay as you go, while others are a one-time purchase.  Although many firewalls are quite inexpensive, you may still want to purchase one that is a little more expensive for a two-year license, or one that is a little more customizable.




The features of a firewall are mostly dependent on the software that you choose, but can include things like:


Some firewall options will interact with the antivirus software, and/or automatically log things in and out to the antivirus.  This will help ensure that your data is always encrypted and protected.


Macro blocking: will allow you to limit the access of certain programs by blocking access.  Although this feature is not available in some of the more popular antivirus programs today, it is still very valuable to limit access to programs like Outlook, Word, and Internet browsers.


Log monitoring: this feature is also available in some of the more popular antivirus programs, and simply log things in and out of the firewall.  This is useful for logs that are sent from security applications, and is especially useful if you are installing a new firewall program that you want to block anything from accessing your computer.


Speed of protection: there are firewalls that are specifically designed to protect your computer from threats, but do not require as much overhead as many other firewalls.  These are less common, but very valuable, options.  Choosing a firewall with these features can drastically improve the level of security you experience.


Unbreakable: words to describe the unbreakable nature of a firewall are strengthened, but words are not enough.  A firewall is not breakable, unbreakable in fact.  The only way someone can break into your firewall is if he knows how to.  There are no common ways to achieve this.  You can guess, and guess correctly, but this is how few people outside of the security industry can break into a firewall.  The only way to know for sure is to test your fire walls.




There are hundreds of firewalls to choose from, often several for the price of one.  You will find that some firewalls are better than others.  Some come with a 3 year license, and some can be purchased yearly.  Make sure you do your homework.




Your fire wall needs to be set up on the hardware before it can protect your system.  Most hardware features a plug-in, sometimes a patch panel.  These are not hardware based, they are applications that work on the software you want to protect.  Most hardware options will provide you with the tools to build a unbreakable password.




There are so many layers of software to security that it will break down.

Antivirus and Firewall