Passport Name Change

Passport Name Change

Passport Name Change

Passport Name Change

The Road to a Passport Name Change


A passport is the legal identification booklet that must be acquired by a citizen before leaving the country. Getting passport is a process all its own. However, getting a passport name change invites many different obstacles to overcome. The government will require specific steps be taken to ensure the correct up-to-date information will appear on the new passport issued.


Reasons for a changing one’s name, age, and date the passport was issued all directly affect the processing of a new passport. Each one of these examples will cause a person to be subject to differing guidelines for obtaining a new and current passport. Each case will ask for specific documents, proof of identity, and fees.


When a couple gets married or a court order changes someone’s name, new passports must be issued. This process can be completed over the mail and with no expense if the passport was issued in the same year. The government will ask for a marriage certificate or court order to be filed. This information must be presented to the issuing agent. The agent will review the information that was presented and inform the issuing authority of the name change.


Different guidelines must be followed if the name on the passport is changed due to a divorce or marriage. A court order must be present to grant the name change.


Emergency passport changes are handled a bit differently. A one-time online application will not suffice. The agent will need the original undamaged passport with the current name and address. documentation will also be required. In these cases, the customer must go in person to the passport agency and submit the information.


Normally, the processing time for a name change is up to eight weeks. The government will request that the customer complete a Form DS-82. This form will then be sent to the passport agency. In some cases, the form will be mailed, while others will require that it be personally delivered.


Either way, the customer has eight days from the date of completion of the application to appeal the decision. In that case, a formal appeal must be made by mail. The customer must send the appeal in a form that states the new name will be used and the old passport will be returned to the customer.


The customer must present two passport photographs and original undamaged passport documents show the name that is being changed. These will need to be sent along with the Form DS-82. The photographs need to be two by two inches. The documents will be sent in addition to the Form DS-82.


husbands and grooms should have a copy of the original birth certificate to accompany the Form DS-82. Acceptable documents include the same for each case, and photocopy or viewing of the form is acceptable.


There are several fees charged by the government for these listings. The government system will identify the correct fee and advise the customer what to pay. Each government department also has their own instructions and many different expedited services are available.


The customers should send the original evidence of citizenship and proof of name change. A birth certificate will work to prove citizenship. The customer will need to supply copies of these documents.


The documents required will change each time the passport is issued. This process can take up to twelve months for the new information to be issued. The expedited service will ask the customer to return in three days to process the documents.


When the information is ready to be issued, the customer must present a valid ID. The ID must be valid for six months prior to the expiration date of the passport. The customer will also need to complete a DS-11 and mail it in with the original documents.


The NEXUS Program


Hawaii has a NEXUS Program. It is similar to the State Department’s passport program. It allows the travelers to pay a $20 fee to have their name added to the NEXUS list. All information must be completed on the application. The only difference is the applicant must provide their social security information on the application rather than the passport.


If the applicant does not have a social security number, they must request one using website. The website will provide the additional identifying information.


The U.S. Department of State has begun issuing NEXUS cards to its wharfing service passport applicants. It is required that the applicant be less than sixteen and have been residing in the United States for at least five years. Applicants areiaries of the U.S. Department of State.


The cost of addtitional citizenship services is $50 and is non-refundable. The money paid is added to the passport fee and is non-renewable.  Passport Name Change  Passport Name Change  Passport Name Change  Passport Name Change


An Internet search will be able to locate the nearest passport office. More information can be found at We’re safer in USA, a website devoted to travel safety.

Passport Name Change